Why Old is Gold?

  The Essence of Time I am going to share with you a perceptive of time. Everything in this universe is bounded by time. What people fail to realize is that we are very much like a time bomb. One day when when our time is up, we will create an impact on our love Read More

What are my Roots again? Being Who I am?

Cultural Roots Desire for meaning? A Movement? A cause to champion a fight. Does Cultural Roots Really Matter? Millenials are always criticized for the shabby attitude. Often being judged for the actions. What is the significance of these cultural roots? Does the millenials care about these roots? Well these is not a Culture Roots encopasses Read More

Your Ultimate Goal In Life?

Prior to previous article, is building a family the main purpose of human’s existence? After all, that is how the society paints it, embedded deep within our roots. So what is the ultimate goal of life? People have Different Ultimate Goals. No matter how close are you to your siblings or friends, eventually, we will?embark Read More

It’s Time. Mind Your Own Business.

How to win at life? Ans: Happiness Well it is hard to define isn’t it? Generally having a sense of achievement, an overall satisfaction is a good start to a route of happiness. For a 4 year old kid this answer is easy. They find happiness everywhere from having their favourite food to playing their Read More

Depression – You can Save Lives

The Depression Battle Sometimes a little sensitivity, is what it takes to save lives. The number of suicide cases have been on the rise around the world. Suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst young adults according to World Health Organisation (WHO). One major cause of suicide is metal illness. Mental illness, most Read More

Essential Guide to Employment

4 Simple Steps for a smooth transition to the adult world Congratulations on getting that degree. It may be an easy breeze for some. The real world is calling for you. Whats next? Getting employed? Wait what? Where was the Golden Ticket that was promised before I sold my soul?? It is an unspoken rule Read More